Writer's Block: Places to Lay Your Head

How many different places (cities, houses, apartments, dorm rooms, etc.) have you lived in? Which is your favorite? And your least favorite?

Born at the Naval Hospital in Maryland, moved to St. Pete at age 7 months, move to Lagrange, GA at age 3, moved to Louisville Kentucky at age 6 (started spending the summers with my grandparents at this time) , moved to Pensacola at age 10, moved with my family to Tallassee at age 13 (first time), moved to Atlanta at age 23, lost my mind and joined the Army, did basic at Ft. Jackson, blew out my knee and came back to Tallassee at age 25, moved to Lawrenceville at age 29, moved to Macon at age 31. moved to Gainesville, GA at age 32, moved to Greensboro at age 33, will move back to Atlanta at age 35.

Least favorite- Macon. Most favorite, tie between the Atlanta I knew as a 7-11 year old, Gainesville, GA and Greensboro, NC.

You see why I refuse to have kids until I am settled? I literally refuse to do that to a kid. 14th major moves, 19 total moves (counting every time my stuff was moved from one place to another).