More than anything else, that kind of discribed how I felt Friday. I just ran out what I needed. I canceled my plans for the weekend and relaxed. I needed that more than I can say.

Friday itself was interesting... I started out by having to take Shannon to her back up babysitter. Shannon hated being up that early and SCREAMED at me for 40 minutes or more. She finally fell asleep, loosing her Baby when she fell asleep. She woke up and started crying for Baby. I pulled over and handed her Baby.

My childless coworker said I was spoiling her and that I should have spanked her. Notice I didn't use the word friend. You are so judged as a parent, why should I allow that kind of judgement from a friend? Besides, my daughter is not spoiled- she cares enough for Baby to insist I nurse her as well.

After work, we went to get something to eat and to the Frontier Culture Museum, which she enjoyed. I then went home, put her to bed, and started to prepare for the SCA event. Until I realized I would have to drive 2 hours oneway... and I stalled. Good old social anxiety plus the fact I've been running on fumes just started me down to a negative place.

Spend the weekend doing nothing- laundry, mopping, taking things to the dump, and groceries were the most I did. I felt much more relaxed at the end. I'm taking a day off this week... I need it.